Tackling Gambling Stigma


A research-based campaign to reduce stigma related to harm from gambling.

The Vita CA team wanted to launch a website to help collect research for their new campaign, Tackling Gambling Stigma. They wanted a friendly website built on Wordpress - a CMS they knew - which would help collect data through forms.

Having designed the site in Figma, I initially built it as a Frontity site which connected to a Wordpress.com backend - saving the team money and improving load times by making use of Vercel and serverless technologies.

However, despite fast load times, the TGS team's ability to maintain the site was hindered by Wordpress.com's limited API and styling was also limited by the css I had implemented in the React front-end.

So I recreated the site in Oxygen Builder on a Wordpress.org website, migrating all the content and making sure the TGS team could update the site in the way they wanted.